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Bulk Item Services (Brush & Large Items)

City trash customers have the following bulk item services available and are included as part of the monthly solid waste fees (available to inside the city customers only). To receive these services, call the Utility Office at 843-3177, Option 2.

Bulk items must be placed a minimum of 4 feet from any obstruction, including mailboxes, guide wires, utility poles, and parked cars. Bulk items must be placed adjacent to the curb or street and in a manner that does not obstruct traffic or pedestrian safety or that obstructs any drainage water way. The bulk item pickup service is provided for the regular maintenance and upkeep of property and is only provided to customers within the city that pay the weekly trash pickup fee. The bulk item pickup service includes:

  1. Household appliances—includes refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, and other household appliances. Appliances with a door locking mechanism must have the door removed or otherwise safely secured. Closed cylinders or units with closed cylinders will be picked up.
  2. Rugs, Carpet, Vinyl Flooring—must be cut into sections and bundled into rolls no longer than 5 feet in length.
  3. Furniture—includes couches, chairs, box springs, mattresses, dressers, toys and other household furniture. If a mattress or box spring has bed bugs, they must be sealed in plastic or removed by the individual.
  4. Paint, Stain—lids must be removed and the paint or stain must be dry. Cans with liquids will not be picked up.
  5. Limbs, Brush—limbs must be 6 inches or less in diameter and no longer than 6 feet in length. Stumps will not be picked up.
  6. Leaves, Grass Clippings—must be bagged with no other debris or trash included.

The bulk item pickup service does not include:

  1. Electronics
  2. Materials from construction or demolition such as lumber, rock, brick, block, metal, shingles, cement, vinyl siding, windows, doors.
  3. Tires
  4. Brush and limbs when a contractor is paid to dispose of it.
  5. Brush and limbs from land clearing (service is only available when it is part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of a property).
  6. Any items that are remnants of a retail business, thrift store, trade business, repair shop, tenant evictions, or other situation that is determined by the City to not be a part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of a property.
  7. Hazardous material.
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