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Building, Zoning & Sign Permits

Before a building permit can be issued within the City of Liberty, the applicant must provide information to show the proposed construction, erection, alteration or movement of a structure conforms with the City’s zoning ordinances (which includes the overlay standards). The City’s zoning ordinances can be found at City Ordinances.

Prior to, or as part of the building permit application process, you must complete this Certificate of Zoning Compliance form and submit to City Hall.

Building Permits

For building permit applications, information on when a permit is required, or to find a South Carolina certified contractor, email

Zoning & Sign Permits

To obtain a Certificate of Zoning Compliance to ensure proper zoning use of a property, complete a “Certificate of Zoning Compliance” form (see Forms & Documents / Building, Zoning & Sign Permits) and email to

Use the forms located under Forms and Documents for Building, Zoning and Sign Permits. There are forms  to request a sign permit, zoning appeal, (3) zoning variance, (4) rezone of property, or other planning & zoning activity required by the Liberty zoning ordinances 

(see Forms & Documents / Building, Zoning & Sign Permits) and email to .

Planning and Zoning Boards Meetings Dates

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