Liberty Community Enrichment Meeting – Monday, July 25

Update: Click to view notes from the July meeting  Overview – July 2016 CEC Mtg

The Liberty Community Enrichment Committee meets the last Monday of every month at 6 pm at the Rosewood Center, and all meetings are open to the public. Everyone who attends has a voice in what types of events we bring to Liberty, and ultimately, a vote (by everyone in attendance) often determines things like dates, themes and names of events. As always, those who are unable to attend meetings are welcome to contact City Hall in advance to have an idea considered in their absence. While we may not be able to execute every great idea we hear, it is our goal to determine ways we can incorporate as many great ideas into our events as possible with our limited resources.

The next meeting is tonight, Monday, July 25, at the Rosewood Center. We will be discussing the fall festival. The date and a general theme have already been determined in previous meetings (Veteran’s Day/patriotic theme; Nov. 5), while others will be decided on tonight (name, activities, etc.). All are welcome to provide input. However, we request that everyone comes prepared to make their pitch brief (less than 5 minutes) in order to be respectful of everyone’s time and make meetings as productive as possible.