meet the nominees

2016 Citizen of the Year: Meet the Nominees

Meet our five finalists for 2016 Citizen of the Year, and cast your vote for the one you think deserves to be honored at Love My Liberty on Monday, July 4!  Voting begins June 6 at noon and ends June 24.  You may vote in person at Liberty City Hall (206 W. Front St.) or online.  **  Limit one vote per person, please! **

Click here to vote online.

Kevin Campbell

From the person who nominated Kevin:

“Kevin was born and raised in Pickens County. He has and wife and 3 young chikdren. Kevin is a volunteer at heart. He always has a bag ready and waiting wherever he goes to help those in need. He works as a Paramedic but when he isn’t at work he won’t hesitate to stop and help at a wreck or if he knows that an ambulance is nearby and needs assistance. He also helps with search and rescue efforts, whether hiking up Table Rock or on a boat on Lake Hartwell. Kevin is an Army Veteran (2002-2010); active duty in Operation Noble Eagle 2005-2006“

Affiliations:  Paramedic – Pickens County Medic 3 in Liberty and throughout Pickens County; Field Training Officer for Pickens County; Liberty Volunteer  Rescue Squad 9 (2001 – Present); Chief since 2008; Liberty Fire Department volunteer; Grace Church (Powdersville)


Misty Medlin

From the person who nominated Misty:

“Misty was born and raised in Liberty.  Twice in her life she moved away from Liberty and hated it until she was able to return.  She cares about Liberty and the people in the community.  She wants to see Liberty thrive and return to the great community it could be.  She attends city events and desires to have a close relationship with council, mayor, fire and police departments as well as businesses and the people of Liberty.  She has a love for Liberty like no one I have ever met.”

Affiliations:  141 West, The Liberty Monitor, Liberty Community Enrichment

Pamela Nalley

From the person who nominated Pamela:

“Pamela provides a service to Liberty by picking stray animals for adoption.  She provides services for low cost spay and neutering of cats and dogs.  She dedicates her time and effort in keeping the unwanted dogs of Liberty safe.  She goes out of her way (above and beyond) in making Liberty events successful.  She is truly one of the most benevolent people I know.”

Affiliations:  Owner and operator of ADOPT, a non-profit organization that rescues dogs in the City of Liberty, has attended Liberty Community Enrichment meetings and donated time and resources to Community Enrichment sponsored events

Michael Sheriff

From the person who nominated Michael:

“Michael has committed invaluable time, talent and energy to helping Liberty become a better place to live and work over the course of several years.  His most recent, tangible and large-scale contribution is the $500,000 grant he received for the Liberty downtown renovation.  The beautification project came to successful fruition this spring.  The grant replaced an approximately 100-year-old water system, repaved the roads and sidewalks, added landscaping and increased the overall curb appeal of our downtown area.  No one else has dedicated their lives to making Liberty a better place as much as he has!”

Affiliations:  Liberty City Council (2001-11); Mayor (2011-13); SHARE; Alliance Pickens; Pickens Cannon Memorial Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Founded Liberty Festival and Events, Vision 2025, Leadership Pickens, Ten at the Top, Liberty Historical Society, SC American Institute of Architects, Project Management Institute, Designing Architect on several Liberty projects (Rosewood Center renovation, fire station and two-bay addition, Freedom & Pedestrian Park, Pancho’s, Liberty Federal Credit Union, 141 West storefront, American Realty Group renovation…)


Jason Whitaker

From the person who nominated Jason:

“Jason has operated a successful business in Liberty for many years and is a fixture on that corner and in this community.  He is an encourager and supporter of other business owners as well as local government, and he financially contributes to youth rec sports and helps any other way he can.”

Affiliations:  Whitaker’s Tires, Liberty Rec sponsor