City Council Minutes

March 9, 2015 City Council Meeting

meeting-minutesCity of Liberty, South Carolina
City Council Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2015 – 6:00 PM

Rosewood Center




Mayor Boughman called the Council Meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


Chuck Powell, Josh Harrison, Lavant Padgett, Brian Petersen, Lisa Hunter (CM Yates was absent). CM Padgett left early at 6:20 p.m.


Jason Hickey, Pastor, Community Outreach Church, Hwy 178, Liberty gave the invocation.


Mayor Boughman led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Boughman asked for a Motion to Approve the minutes from the Council Meeting from 2/9/15 and the Work Session Minutes from 3/2/15.

  • Motion to Approve: CM Padgett
  • Second: CM Harrison
  • All in favor


Mayor Boughman informed Council that the February 2015 budget numbers were behind tab #2 in their Council books and asked if there were any questions on the numbers. There were no questions.

Proclamation 15-0309 March for Meals

WHEREAS, on March 22, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed into law a measure that amended the Older Americans Act of 1965 and established a national nutrition program for seniors 60 years and older;
WHEREAS, Meals on Wheels America established the National March for Meals Campaign in March 2002 to recognize the historic month, the importance of Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs – both congregate and home-delivered – and raise awareness about the escalating problem of senior hunger in America;
WHEREAS, the 2015 observance of the March for Meals campaign provides an opportunity to support Meals on Wheels programs that deliver vital and critical services by donating, volunteering and raising awareness about senior hunger and isolation;
WHEREAS, Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs – both congregate and home-delivered – in South Carolina have served our communities admirably for more than 40 years; and
WHEREAS, volunteer drivers for Meals on Wheels programs in South Carolina are the backbone of the program and they not only deliver nutritious meals to homebound seniors and individuals with disabilities, but also caring concern and attention to their welfare;
WHEREAS, Meals on Wheels programs in South Carolina provide nutritious meals to seniors throughout the State and help them maintain their health and independence and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and/or premature institutionalization;
WHEREAS, Meals on Wheels programs in South Carolina provide a powerful socialization opportunity for millions of seniors to help combat loneliness and isolation;
WHEREAS, Meals on Wheels programs in South Carolina deserve recognition for the contributions they have made and will continue to make to local communities, our State and our Nation; and
NOW THEREFORE, the City of Liberty, South Carolina, do hereby proclaim March 2015 as March for Meals Month.

We urge every citizen to take time this month to honor our Meals on Wheels programs, the seniors they serve and the volunteers who care for them. Our recognition of, and involvement in, the national 2015 March for Meals campaign can enrich our entire community and help combat senior hunger and isolation in America.

Mayor Boughman stated that Mayor and Councilmembers are asked to participate in the March for Meals week are asked to help that week deliver meals, put meals together, etc. Mayor Boughman stated the week will be March 16th-20th and that he will be assisting with packaging meals on Wednesday morning at 9:00 am and asked anyone that can to join him. Mayor Boughman stated that Council could also set another time with Meta Bowers if that week doesn’t work for them.

Rosewood Renovations/City Hall Offices

Mayor Boughman stated that at the Work Session on March 2, 2015, he, CM Padgett, CM Hunter and CM Powell discussed the thoughts of relocating City Hall to the Rosewood Center. Mayor Boughman stated that he had emailed Council a while back with a suggestion about the possibility of getting the old bank building by the Post Office, moving City Hall there. Mayor Boughman stated that he believes that this (moving to the Rosewood Center) may be a better option and he will go over some of those reasons. Mayor Boughman stated that tonight was just basically a discussion. Mayor Boughman stated that for those of you that were at the Work Session on Monday, some of this will be repetitive.

Mayor Boughman stated the following: the city houses juveniles for three counties: Pickens, Oconee, and Anderson. The jail the city is using is small and outdated. Chief Gilstrap would be able to possibly obtain grants to enlarge and improve the jail if there was room to do that which right now there is not. Gloria (in the water department) would be able to have more room here and we could give her a more protected area and possibly depending on where we put it, some type of a window or drop-off system so citizens would not have to come in here; we could partition parts of this room off to make offices and move Council chambers into the auditorium, maybe even on the stage and keep the chairs out all the time, so Vic and Adam would not have to put chairs out each week like that did tonight. If we did have a PCMA dinner like we hosted last month, or some other type of event, we could move the chairs and still be able to utilize the auditorium space for that.

Mayor Boughman stated the following: another thing that was talked about at the Work Session was the history of this place (Rosewood Center). This is an historic building and we are not really treating it like that in a lot of things we are doing here. We have birthday parties, weddings, exercise and we are wearing the place down by what we are doing to it. It costs us about $2000 a month to run this place and we do not get that in rentals. In fact, most of the rentals we have here are free or greatly discounted based on community leaders, pageants, different things. Whatever we do here we need to have strict guidelines in place as to how we are going to rent it out, what we are going to do, if that’s the direction we go, what we will do it, what we won’t do, a set rate for employees, for community leaders. We know a lot of people in this town, everyone does and we are all over the place in our fees.

After June 30th, we are going to shut down the rentals and we are going to have a plan or be in the process of a plan of how we are going to move forward and what exactly we want to do with this historic building that we own. You know my thoughts on City Hall, what City Hall should be like, what it should look like and my opinion moving here (Rosewood Center) would be a good move. We could serve many different needs by moving here for city Hall and the place we are leaving, police and fire. Those of us that were here at the Work Session, we already had a little bit of a discussion and we were pretty much in agreement and we are not voting on anything here, just discussing.

Mayor Boughman addressed Councilman Petersen, Councilman Harrison and asked if they had any initial thoughts on this that you can share that or you can take this away, ponder it, digest it and we can talk one on one or at another Council Meeting. Councilman Peterson, do you have anything that comes to mind? Councilman Petersen stated that he apologized that he had to be out of town, out of state, last week and there is some merit to this idea, combining areas and/or expense, I know one thing despite whatever the ultimate use of the facility as we know it today as city hall, we are going to need a new roof on it, no matter what happens so that should be very much a part of whatever the equation is because that is going to require some additional maintenance there. I haven’t put a tremendous amount of thought into this, but by all means we have a rather expansive space that we could probably use in the would almost be in the best manner for the citizens of Liberty, savings funds and maintaining the historical and upgrading our city hall in a reasonably comparable standard of others. We are going to be redoing the exterior parking area here shortly which that enhancement alone will bring great benefits to the building. I’m not sitting here with any negatives and on the surface it appears it could be viable.

Mayor Boughman addressed Councilman Harrison and asked if he had anything to add. Councilman Harrison stated the following: he likes the idea and thinks it’s a good idea because he knows Chief Gilstrap needs some space and would probably help the fire department too. His only question would be what we could do on the inside since it’s a historical building and that’s all he would be wary of. Councilman Harrison stated he doesn’t want to keep events from happening here but I think it would be a good use. Mayor Boughman stated that we would check this out. Councilman Padgett stated he thinks a drive-thru would be a good idea for the water customers, just like banks have.


Commerce Street Grant – Mayor Boughman stated that things are going well and in a timely manner for the grant. Mayor Boughman stated that the workers have kept everything very clean and have been very courteous. The only complaint we have had is last Monday when they had to cut the water off, they weren’t sure how far back they were going to have to go with these old 1920’s lines. Some places on Front Street had their water service interrupted but they worked about 5-6 hours and got it straight. Moving forward there shouldn’t be any more service interruptions except for about 15-20 minutes for each business to get reconnected. They are working on the sewer lines now. Councilman Petersen stated that he noticed that they were doing a very nice job with the cuts they were making.

Resolution 15-0309 – Purchase of new garbage truck
Mayor Boughman stated that in their Council Books, there are the only two bids we received on the garbage truck and that we had already voted on the purchase that they just needed to sign the resolution for the financing. Mayor Boughman asked if there were any questions. Councilman Harrison pointed out there was a difference in the resolution financing amount and the amount on the bid ($132,383.00 vs. $133,383.00). Mayor Boughman stated that was just a typo and that it would be corrected. Mayor Boughman stated that our trash truck was in disarray and they had patched it as long as they could. The city needed a trash truck that could just go out and do the route without having 2 to 3 hours of work before it can begin a route. Council voted to purchase a new trash truck, the low bid was $133,533.00 and the city got a really good interest rate of 2.13% for seven years.

Mayor Boughman stated that they had talked after he first took office about a new garbage system where we do carts and a side loader and that may still be a way to go in the future and we would still need a rear loader and this particular truck has the capability to do that if we implement that slowly over the next couple of years. Councilman Petersen stated that it has a hydraulic cart tip that would allow the cart to be positioned at the rear of the vehicle and mechanically lifted and dumped as opposed to being physically man-handled as it is being done now. Our current garbage truck is 5 years beyond its projected lifetime and this purchase was not a wish list purchase but a necessity and out of need, things went out to bid, a bid package went out and as it turned out, the winner turned out to be a local business.

A Resolution Approving Financing Terms between the City of Liberty (“City”) and Branch Banking and Trust Company (“BB&T”).

WHEREAS, the City has determined to undertake a project of purchasing a garbage truck and BB&T has now presented a proposal for the financing of such project.


  1. The City hereby determines to finance the Project through BB&T in accordance with the proposal dated March 3, 2015. The amount to be financed is $133,383.00, the annual interest rate (in the absence of default or change in tax status) shall not exceed 2.04% and the financing term shall not exceed seven years from closing.
  2. All financing contracts and all related documents for the closing of the financing (the “Financing Documents”) shall be consistent with the foregoing terms. All officers and employees of the City are hereby authorized and directed to execute and delivery any Financing Documents, and to take all such further actions as they may consider necessary or desirable, to carry out the financing of the Project as contemplated by the proposal and this resolution.
  3. The Finance Officer is hereby authorized and directed to hold executed copies of the Financing Documents until the conditions for the delivery of the Financing Documents have been completed to such officer’s satisfaction. The Finance Officer is authorized to approve changes to any Financing Documents previously signed by City officers or employees, provided that such changes shall not substantially alter the intent of such documents or certificates from the intent expressed in the forms executed by such officers. The Financing Documents shall be in such final forms as the Finance Officer shall approve, with the Finance Officer’s release of any Financing Document for delivery constituting conclusive evidence of such officer’s final approval of the Document’s final form.
  4. The City shall not take or omit to take any action the taking or omission of which shall cause its interest payments on this financing to be includable in the gross income for federal income tax purposes of the registered owners of the interest payment obligations. The City hereby designates its obligations to make principal and interest payments under the Financing Documents as “qualified tax-exempt obligations” for the purpose of Internal Revenue Code Section 265(b) (3).
  5. All prior actions of City officers in furtherance of the purposes of this resolution are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed. All other resolutions (or parts thereof) in conflict with this resolution are hereby repealed, to the extent of the conflict. This resolution shall take effect immediately.

RIA GRANT:  Mayor Boughman stated that he will be meeting with the DOT this Wednesday on the intersection work and he has been in constant contact with them and he doesn’t want them to forget about this and that we stay on point with that. Currently, the work is going out to bid in September and hopefully will be doing the work early 2016. Some of this will depend on how fast we can get our stuff done but we have the ball rolling and we have done all we can do on that. He will update on the next council meeting.

TIF:   Mayor Boughman stated that for the benefit of those that missed the Work Session last Monday and for the benefit of the citizens, he wanted to mention the TIF. It was Liberty’s turn and our number came up with the school board to settle on this TIF issue.

Mayor Boughman met with Dr. Merck and Dr. Swords in February and explored our options. One of those options discussed in February was to pay off the original $450,000 bond and we owed $96,177 on that bond and we talked about settling for about 80% of what the school district felt the city owed, $62, 400 if all agreed but we would still have the bond to pay off. Mayor Boughman stated late last Monday he learned we had already made a payment in December 2014 and he didn’t realize it had come off the $96,000 balance. This would leave us $50,809 owing on the bond which we were scheduled to pay this year anyway.

Mayor Boughman stated he called Dr. Swords Monday and was assured that if the city paid off the bond, we would settle the TIF and not pay the school board anything. Mayor Boughman stated he informed Dr. Swords that the remaining balance was not $96,177 but only $50,809 but Dr. Swords said all they wanted was the bond to be paid off and he felt that was the best option for the city. Mayor Boughman stated that in June we will pay that off (the bond) and moving forward the city will get our portion of the TIF, the school board and the county will get their portions of the TIF and the agreement that began in 2004 will be over for the city of Liberty.

The city could not have come out any better on that deal than we did and some of that was because the city had spent the TIF money correctly and we have done the right things and sometimes good guys do come out okay. That was being done before I took office and he applauds everyone for doing that. Brian Petersen asked that the Mayor explain to the public what the TIF is. Mayor Boughman explained that back in 2004, the city of Liberty, Clemson, Easley identified one area of our town which was here, Ingles, back into Lakewood Heights, as our TIF – tax increment financing district. When tax money comes, the county, the school district and the city gets some.

During a specific number of years, the city would get the school district and the counties portion of those taxes and these monies have to be put in a separate account and can only be used in this district. Demolitions were done in this area and Rosewood renovations and most of these things were done before I took office. That money was to only be used in the TIF District. AT some point, these cities met their amount of monies they were supposed to get and continued getting their TIF money and the school district wanted their money back.

They went to court with Clemson and won that, they settled with Easley and now they are going around settling for a portion of what they are owed back. We don’t’ have to give them any extra money other than paying the bond. Mayor Boughman addressed Citizen Russ Smith and told him he would get with him later if Mr. Smith had any other questions on this.

COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT COMMITTEE:  Jamie Burns stated that most of the dates she will remind you of tonight were mentioned at last month’s meeting. Ms. Burns stated the following: the CEC met Monday, February 23rd and were able to secure some of the details of the 5K on May 2nd to benefit the Pickens County Human Society. It will begin at 9; 00 am and start at the stadium. You can register on line on the city’s FB page, $25.00 until April 19th and thereafter it will be $30.00. Chief Gilstrap will secure the route. The kick-off of the police vs. fire competition will begin again on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, April 4th, Liberty Church of God will be having their annual Easter Egg Hunt and everyone is invited. They will have free food and games for the children. Saturday, April 11th will be our citywide spring cleanup day and will begin at 9; 00 am at Sarlin Park. Tony’s Pizza has volunteered to award the group with the biggest turnout with a pizza party at a later date and hopefully that will get more volunteers. Saturday, April 18th Relay for Life will be at the football stadium from 2:00-10:00 pm. Saturday, April 25th, the local churches will be coming together to do an event for the city at the stadium. Maybe we will be able to share more details at the April meeting. The next CEC meeting will be Monday, March 30th at 6:00 pm here at the Rosewood Center. As a reminder, we meet the last Monday of the month at 6:00 pm here at the Rosewood Center.


Rus Smith addressed the Mayor and Council with the following: Mr. Smith stated that he thinks it is a great idea to move city hall to the Rosewood Center. Mr. Smith then stated that he wanted to address the issue of the Republican meetings that are held here at the Rosewood Center and the about the fee increase. Mr. Smith stated that he understood the Mayor and the inconsistent rental fees and such but that he wouldn’t consider this a “free” rental because this meeting brings 70-80 people here to Liberty and they all or most of them go out to eat after the meeting or go to Ingles. Mr. Smith stated that the Republican Party will have a precinct reorganization in about two weeks and last year it was about 400 people last year and they all ate here and Mr. Bowers bought items from Ingles for the meeting. Mr. Smith also mentioned that the Zumba exercise classes – those people also go out to eat in our restaurants or go to Ingles afterwards. Mr. Smith suggested that the Mayor and Council reconsider a raise in rental fees for groups like this.

Mayor Boughman stated that he wanted the people to keep on exercising and even if it’s not at the Rosewood Center we will work out something between our gyms or whatever we do , we will locate them if need be. Mayor Boughman also stated the city did not go up on the Republican Party’s fee rental and stated that he had spoken about it at the Work Session and with Erin Lewis, that the last thing we want to do is try to make a dollar and cost this town multiple dollars. Everything we do we want to think about people, people, people getting into our town and helping our town’s economy. Mayor Boughman thanked Mr. Smith for his comments.

Mr. Bowers stated that he believes that the money would be made up in the local option sales tax. Mr. Smith then commented on the Community Enrichment Committee and that there is a person on the committee names Julie McClain Cohn who runs a local page of called “What’s Happening in Liberty” and that he has been blocked from that page because he mentioned that Ms. Cohn is lifting from his website to talk about community’s goings-on. Mr. Smith stated that he does not have an exclusive on what is going on in the community – you can come here and read the minutes and see what’s going on, but he does take a lot of time to make graphics and do art work and call people to get that information and do a lot of research and I believe that if it’s coming off of his website or literally copied and pasted that she should not be able to do that and I consider her a part of the CEC.

Mr. Smith stated that he would like to be requested from the Mayor and Council and the people on that committee that whatever disagreement she has with me- though I don’t know what it is except that I said not to take things off my website and say that there is not a place to get that information – that I either be reinstated or that not be an issue that she is with that committee……I just don’t appreciate that – I don’t care if she reports it or not, I just don’t’ want her to lift it off my website. Mr. Smith stated that the last thing he had was something he had spoken about before and it’s not a complaint against the city or the fire department but he has to get the information from the city on fires.

Mr. Smith stated that last week and that incident at Ingles was a nightmare for him, that he had texts, emails, phone calls, FB page questions all day and night, all asking what had happened. Mr. Smith stated that he doesn’t mind that, but that he doesn’t make any money off his website and by the time he has paid for his domain, his gas and just the frustration of coming up here and he’s kind of an introvert and coming up here and talking, that he would appreciate it if there is a big event like that, that someone would call him after it’s over and telling him what happened. Mr. Smith stated he was told it was a small fire, then ended up being a chemical spill and apparently an overreaction to something and Ingles was closed for 6 hours and the world was going to end. Mr. Smith stated that his FB messages were over 140 asking what the heck was going on at Ingles. He finally got it and reported and didn’t reporting it enough so then WYFF sent a helicopter over here. Mr. Smith asked that if there is another big event like that and if at all possible – he doesn’t want to call or text Adam or Mike (Chris Rowland) and bother them and doesn’t want to be like the news crews- there was a spill over on Hwy 178 in Anderson and the news crews were bothering the emergency response and they were not able to respond and someone almost died because of that. Mr. Smith stated that he would appreciate it if they could communicate it to the mayor and then the Mayor could give him a call and let him know what is going on.


Chief Gilstrap gave the following report for February 2015:

Warnings Issued- 139
Citations Issued- 120
Juveniles Housed- 7
Total amount of fine money collected- $13, 849.42

Total Arrested-10

  • One for Disorderly Conduct
  • One for Too fast for Conditions and Drug Paraphernalia
  • One for Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful possession of pistol
  • One for Shoplifting
  • Two for Public Disorderly Conduct
  • One for DUI, DUS, Simple Possession Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of controlled substance x2 and Trafficking Meth
  • One for Possession of Controlled substance, Trafficking Meth, Permitting Unauthorized person to drive and Simple Possession of Marijuana
  • One for Violation of Order of Protection
  • One for Possession of Controlled substance x2, DUI and Open Container

Drug Paraphernalia- 6


  • DUI- 2
  • Speeding- 29
  • Seatbelt- 49
  • Driver’s License Violations- 9
  • Other- 25

Animal- 6
Property- 4

Chief Gilstrap stated that they were getting ready to get into a lot of code ordinance violations with grass and yard complaints. Chief Gilstrap stated that he had let Council know last month about his losing people coming up and with some new developments and with Duke Power hiring security guards, they have snatched another officer, Rachael Pilgrim (Hood). Her last day will be this Friday and it’s a wrinkle in our plan going forward but we will make it through. Officer Rampey will be going to the High School to take her place. He had filled in for her before when Officer Pilgrim was in the dispatch training so it’s a good fit and they like him out there and praised him while he was out there. We are looking to hire
one more officer now and another one after Officer Constance retires after 40 years in law enforcement.

Chief Gilstrap stated he wanted to address what Mr. Smith had said and that he couldn’t speak for Chief Rowland but since they are so small, when something significant happens, everyone is there and it’s all you can do to take care of what you have. Bigger agencies and cities have someone in the office to put out all that information. Chief Gilstrap stated he certainly understands about the phone calls because everyone wants to know from him what’s happening also – the events more so fluidly that sometimes it’s hard to tell what information you give out at what times so it’s a hard situation to be in and in our defense we are in a lot of times in a tremendous amount of being pulled back and forth also but we try to put as much information out there as we can when it comes. Chief Gilstrap stated that he can only speak for himself, he doesn’t know about the Fire department but they try to do what they can to keep everyone informed.


Chief Rowland gave the following report on the month of February 2015:

Chief Rowland stated that the department had 53 calls, double what they normally have. Chief Rowland stated that was due to the snow storms and running more medical calls than normal and the department assisted the Easley Fire Department with a brush fire. Chief Rowland stated that the department hired two new firefighters that will start next week: Derek Sargent and Alex Dalton to replace Joey Freeman and David Greene. Chief Rowland stated that the department is in negotiations with the Norris Fire Department on the Palmetto Automatic Aid Agreement. Chief Rowland stated that this is basically if there is a call on the Norris side and need more engines or man power, Norris will assist. Both agencies will be called at the same time and they will be doing the same for us in the city limits of Liberty. Chief Rowland stated that it would help both agencies with more man power, more engines and quicker response time and that it will help us on these outlying areas. Councilman Petersen asked how many extra calls does Chief Rowland think this agreement would entail. Chief Rowland stated that Norris does not have as many calls as we do, they have had 6 calls for the year whereas this department (Liberty) has had about 120, and so those few additional calls would not be a big deal. Chief Rowland stated that at the end it was about the “customer” and getting there the quickest. CM Petersen stated that he thought this sounded like a good plan.

Public Works Department:

Olen Hamlin stated the following on the Commerce Street Grant: the water is completely installed at Commerce Street and all new service lines have been run and are waiting on DHEC for water sample approval; working on sewer today; water was finished in two weeks and we had given them three weeks so we are one week ahead of schedule; we are giving them three weeks for sewer also. Mr. Hamlin stated that he hated there was an issue with some people losing water service that day but they just didn’t realize that they had to go all the way that far back to Calumet Church for the line and some people were saying that the city was unprepared but Mr. Hamlin stated you cannot be prepared for what you will find with these lines having been installed in 1926 and that we got the water back on in a timely manner.

Garbage – Olen Hamlin stated the following on the garbage: the 2005 Freightliner did go all the way down, it was leaking hydraulic fluid and they had to put $1500 worth of hydraulic oil on the main cylinder and a $4000 cylinder to get it up and going to just be able to finish what was needed before we can get the new garbage truck. Mr. Hamlin stated that they had to use the recycling truck for garbage until this 2005 truck got fixed and this put us behind on recycling and we had to use more trips with this truck to the dump. Olen Hamlin stated they are back on schedule and order with the trucks for now.

Brush and Limbs – Mr. Hamlin stated they had gotten behind on this due to no prisoners being able to assist and they had to pull guys to work the recycle truck that normally are in the water department.

Water Dept:

96 calls for service (frozen pipes and stuff)
1 major leak due to AT&T (back in service within 4 hours)
16 minor leaks
Replace 12 meters

Sewer Dept:

101 calls for service (replaced 6 lines)
14 man holes stopped up with roots and these were cleaned out and treated with root killer

Storm water:

Olen Hamlin reported the following on Storm water: Everything running smoothly with this. With this new permit cycle (the next 5 years), a monitoring assessment plan, we got with Pickens County and Easley and we came up with the same type of monitoring plan. It’s a 44 page monitoring assessment, we sent it to DHEC and are waiting on their approval. We will start testing storm water for contaminations that DHEC has put our rivers and streams as a PMDL (total daily national load of containments) as soon as that’s approved and we get our test sites, we will have to start sampling on it. This 5 year cycle began in 2014.
16 oil changes
6 major repairs (on the trash truck)
10 minor repairs
As for the maintenance on the police cars, things have just been too busy for Mr. Hamlin to handle that and so Meinders has been working on these and have done a good job. Mr. Hamlin stated that as soon as things calm down, he can get back on the police vehicles.
City Hall Roof
Mr. Hamlin stated the Mayor and several Council Members know it, as far as the city hall roof, when Michael Sherriff and Brian Deese were Mayors, we have major swells on this roof. We had to get on the roof after the snow storm and we just put a patch on it and years ago we put a patch on the police department. With that much water on a flat roof, it’s going to come in, this is something you guys really need to do something about. Mayor Boughman asked what Olen’s estimate last time was for a new roof and Mr. Hamlin answered that that was 9 years ago and if you put a metal roof on it, you will have to take the 4 air units down and with a 10 ton unit we may be able to make do with just one unit instead of four and with a truss system on it and then it was less than $20,000 with us doing the work on it but that quote was 9 years ago and the price of metal is up but we could get it done reasonably. This price does not include a new HVAC unit which would run about $5000. Mr. Hamlin stated that when Michael Sherriff was Mayor, they looked at it then but we just didn’t have the money to do it, but we really need to look at doing it now.
MARCH 9, 2015 – 6:00 PM
Rosewood Center
Recreation Department:
Jamie Burns gave the following report for February 2015:
All baseball, flag football, softball, tee ball registrations are now completed and all teams should be practicing by the end of the week. I have a couple of meetings tonight with coaches to cover rules and go over practice times.
The volleyball regular season will begin next Monday, March 16 for all nine teams. This year we have four 9u teams, three 12u teams, one 14u team, and one 17u team.
We have currently been spending a lot of time at the old middle school with some of the projects that are tied to the aesthetics of the whole county project. We’re currently taking out a wall between two adjoining rooms that I hope should be done within a couple of weeks so we can move the rec office. This will give me some desperately needed room for office space and a conference section.
We are officially finished with basketball. The 10u, 12u, 14u all-stars got knocked out of the Western district tournament this past weekend. All teams should finish with their banquets in a couple of weeks.
Plans are to start the fence project at Woodside Park next week. This would entail placing 8 ft. galvanized fence on top of the backstop walls to cover exposed sections for fan safety.
Also, the covered section roof that protects the fans from the elements should be addressed by the end of the month. Plans are to replace the damaged shingles with a metal roof. I should get the last quote by the end of the week.
We have received our reconditioned football helmets back from Schutt/Annaconda Sports. This year we had 89 helmets that were up for reconditioning. The cost of the reconditioning was $1975.80. Helmets are on a two year conditioning cycle for safety concerns.
Vandalism continues to be at a minimum. The only incident to report on was someone drove a 4 wheeler onto the King Field at Freedom Park.
Jamie Burns addressed Mr. Rus Smith and stated the following about the Community Enrichment Committee: the Core Committee consists of city employees and anyone can come in as a volunteer and this person you spoke about tonight is a volunteer and the page you referred to is a personal page and is not associated with the city.
Council Reports:
 CM Harrison – stated a big thank you to the previous Councils and Mayors that were responsible for spending the TIF funds in the correct way.
 CM Hunter – nothing to add
 CM Petersen – stated that the garbage truck would arrive within 2 weeks at the most. Wanted to thank the city employees with all work that has had to be done that is weather related and
MARCH 9, 2015 – 6:00 PM
Rosewood Center
thanked the employees for their service while others are at home safe and warm and these employees are out in the elements exposing themselves to whatever risk there may be. This spring will yield a lot of tremendous good things for Liberty and I travel the country and am always glad to come home to Liberty and am proud to be living in Liberty and consider it home and am proud to be associated with this Council.
 CM Powell – stated that Commerce Street is very good and the work crews have done a good job with this. CM Powell address the Boy Scouts in the audience and stated that the city will need them again at the citywide clean-up. Mayor Boughman commented that the Boy Scouts had been so still and attentive during the meeting and he commended their behavior.
Mayor Boughman read the following letter from Pickens County and stated he wanted Council to be a part of this and if you can make this to let the Mayor know and he will contact Helen Hockwalt with the county to RSVP. Mayor Boughman stated that he has never been in the military but these people some of them paid the ultimate sacrifice. CM Powell stated that he planned to be there.
MARCH 9, 2015 – 6:00 PM
Rosewood Center
MARCH 9, 2015 – 6:00 PM
Rosewood Center
Mayor Boughman also stated that he told them all over a year ago that he wanted Liberty to have a voice and to attend meetings and at the PCMA in January, the Mayor, CM Hunter, Padgett, Powell and Petersen were there and the one last month, the Mayor, CM Hunter, Padgett, Harrison and Powell were there. Mayor Boughman thanked them for attending. Mayor Boughman stated that he appreciates the fact that the Council does not bicker and argue and he told them in December 2013 he told them that they were a team and have been receptive to his ideas and he appreciates the support he has received over the past 15 months and trying to make the city of Liberty all it can be.

Mayor Boughman asked for a Motion to Adjourn:

o Motion to Adjourn: CM Powell
o Second: CM Petersen
o All in favor