City Council Minutes

March 2, 2015 City Council Work Session

meeting-minutesCity of Liberty, South Carolina
City Council Work Session Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2015

(Minutes are not typed verbatim)


Work Session

The Work Session was called to order by Mayor Eric Boughman at 6:00 pm. Present were Council Members: Lavant Padgett; Chuck Powell and Lisa Hunter. CM Dwight Yates, CM Brian Petersen and CM Harrison were not present.


CM led the invocation.

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Boughman led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Old Business

Commerce Streetscape Grant

Mayor Boughman stated that the water and sewer work on Commerce Street should be finished in about two weeks, in which time the city’s architect, Michael Sheriff, will begin his portion of the work. Mayor Boughman stated that things have run smoothly and there have not been many complaints from businesses on Commerce Street. Mayor Boughman said there was an unforeseen event last Friday, February 27th, when water was cut off to some businesses that are not on Commerce Street. Active Adult Daycare, City Hall, Liberty Family Practice and Hot Diggity Dogs were all affected Mayor Boughman stated. Mayor Boughman stated that this happened just how the water lines were set-up and it is something no one knew until they were down in the trenches. Mayor Boughman stated that the water was off for these businesses for 5-6 hours and then restored.

Scout Circle Property

Mayor Boughman stated that the city is still waiting on the appraisal (the buyer is paying for this) for the Scout Circle property that may possibly be purchased by the group wanting to build senior living homes (Peachtree Senior Living) here in Liberty. The investors will have up to 64 units and they will be for ages 55 and up, stated Mayor Boughman. Mayor Boughman stated he had spoken with the Scout Master about selling this property and he did not have a problem with selling it, although he was concerned about where the scouts would store the items in the current scout hut. Mayor Boughman assured him that the city would find somewhere for the scouts to store their items, perhaps in our field house at the stadium on 93. CM Padgett asked about the two monuments that are on this property and what the city would do with them. Mayor Boughman stated that the city would find an honorable place for the monuments and be placed where people could view them – possibly Pedestrian or Freedom Parks.

RIA Grant

Mayor Boughman stated there is nothing new on the RIA Grant at this point.

New Business


Mayor Boughman stated that the city had reached an agreement with the Pickens County School District on a solution to the TIF funds dilemma. Mayor Boughman then asked Council to read an email from Brian Swords to the Mayor that is in their council books. Mr. Swords is on the Pickens County School Board and offered various solutions to the TIF fund issue in this email to the Mayor. Mayor Boughman explained that both sides agreed that the easiest and best solution for all would be for the city to pay off the TIF fund bond and this would terminate the TIF agreement. Mayor Boughman stated that the city would no longer receive anyone else’s (School District or County) portion of the TIF monies but would only receive moving forward what is normally due to the city. Mayor Boughman stated that when the bond if paid off, the city would not owe any monies directly to the school district. Mayor Boughman stated that this would still leave the city around $175,000.00 in the TIF account after the bond is paid off. The city plans to use these monies along with continued incoming TIF funds (the city’s portion) to finish the renovations at the Rosewood Center.

Rosewood Center

Mayor Boughman stated that the parking lot, kitchen and bathrooms are left to be redone at the Rosewood Center. Mayor Boughman stated that Troy Rosier from Beeson-Rosier Group had given him a very rough estimate on the parking lot renovations based on Michael Sheriff’s drawing. Mayor Boughman stated that the estimate was $225,000.00, with $85,000.00 of this amount being the cost of paving the parking lot. Mayor Boughman stated he thought that the actual number will be less because they can tweak the original drawing and perhaps not have as many lights, plants, etc. to reduce costs.

Mayor Boughman also stated that Council needs to be considering whether the city should rent out the Rosewood Center after June when the Meals on Wheels seniors will be going to their new facility at the old middle school. CM Powell asked the city Clerk/Treasurer, Erin Lewis, if the city was making any money on rentals. Ms. Lewis replied that no, the city was not. Ms. Lewis also stated that it costs the city roughly $2000.00 monthly for the Rosewood Center. Ms. Lewis also stated that this is an historical building and should be cared for and not rented out. Ms. Lewis stated that 75% of the rentals the city has are “free” rentals to county officials, employees, etc. so, no, the city is not making money – it is costing the city money. Mayor Boughman concurred and stated that Council would address this again before the end of June and make a determination on how to best proceed with the Rosewood Center. Chief Gilstrap added that in his opinion, City Hall should be moved to the Rosewood Center, a building that the city already owns, rather than trying to buy or lease another building and it costing the city upwards of $160,000. Chief Gilstrap stated that the city is already paying for utilities for the Rosewood Center that it would only be a matter of phone and internet lines.


Mayor Boughman asked for a Motion to Adjourn:

  • CM Hunter made Motion to Adjourn
  • CM Padgett seconded the motion
  • Vote: All in favor